Skills audit


Skill RAG 1-3 Skill Evidence- within Education Skill Evidence- outside University
Communication and interpersonal skills 2
  • Made a presentation to the rest of my Academic Development class.
  • Presented my Academic Development assignment as a project.
·  A part of a law society outside of the University.

·  I was a part of the debating society in my previous school and am hoping to join the Keele one.

Negotiating skills 2
  • I won a debate during our Model U.N. day at my previous school on the issue of the crisis in Syria.
·  Presented in front of a lot of people on the second Model U.N. day.
Ability to learn and adapt 1
  • I always read the comments which my teacher makes on my work.
  • Always ask for feedback from my teachers, either verbally or in writing.
  • I make sure that I take the feedback into consideration for the next piece of coursework which I do.
·  I have been doing tennis since the age of 9, and in order to be able to take a part in competitions, I had to practice every day and sometimes I made mistakes and had to practice more and more every day to make sure that the mistakes I made were repaired.
Organisational skills 1
  • I handed in my Academic Development 3 days before the dateline.
  • Handed in my essay for English 2 days before the deadline.
·  I was a part of my school’s yearbook committee and I took all of the pictures which we were going to put into the yearbook.

·  We had to be organised in order to make sure that everyone’s picture was taken on time.

Team Work 2
  • At the Model U.N. day in the previous school, there were 4-5 of us in a group, representing one country in several aspects. We had to work together in order to come up with valid arguments and when the debate took place, we had to work as a team to make sure that we had enough evidence to back up our points.
·  I was a part of my local Brownies, Guides and later Senior Section. We met once a week and when I was in the Senior Section, I was left in charge of activities, while others helped with providing the materials for the activities, making sure that everyone was well and taking care of budget.
Problem solving skills 1
  • I was completing a group project with my Sociology class where we had to complete a questionnaire, however, the questionnaires didn’t bring us to the conclusion which we were hoping it would, so we had to work on another questionnaire and then using team effort make sure that we get the results required for the final graph and presentation.
·  In my Senior Section group we were missing a very important component of one of the activities which we had planned for the Brownies group. We then had to do something in order to make sure that the component was obtained as a team.
Valuing diversity and difference 1
  • Working with people from different nationalities to develop my knowledge of their culture and country for a presentation which I had to make for my Sociology assessment.
·  There was a nationality day in my previous school, where everyone had to come in dressed up in traditional dresses/ costume from their country.
Numeracy 2
  • In my IT class, I used a range of graphs and formulas in order to show the examiner what I was trying to achieve in the easiest way.
·  Have to calculate my budget for each week.
Using initiative and being self-motivated 1
  • I would complete my work to the best of my abilities and make a time management timetable in order to make sure that I have regular breaks as well as studying for as long as possible.
·  When I did my first work experience in Frankfurt, the manager wasn’t there to introduce me to everyone, so I made sure that I told everyone my name and made sure that they knew that I was there to help in any way possible.
Working under pressure and deadlines 1
  • Planned out a time management timetable to help me with revision for exams in January
·  When I worked in Frankfurt, I had to do some tasks for my manager every morning, and I had to make sure that I got back on time and make sure that everything was completed to the best of my abilities.